Measuring Engagement Metrics

Measuring engagement should be one of the first category of marketing metrics you should be aware of. Engagement reveals how users are interacting with your brand across all social media platforms by looking at actions taken on each piece of content you publish. There are multiple engagement metrics worth considering: Likes, Comments, Shares and Click-Through Rates: These can be incredibly […]

5 Common Social Media Mistakes

While many people use their social media profiles to post what they’re thinking with little to no thought put into it, most businesses actually put a lot of time and effort into each individual post. Most businesses know that you need to create a social media marketing strategy to achieve the kind of success you’re looking for. In fact, there […]

5 ways social media can improve your business

Social media has opened a direct line of communication from consumers to businesses. It has created an opportunity for businesses to grow and expand their social circle, as well as their business revenue. If your business is not utilizing the many opportunities available via social media, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.