Social Media

Measuring Engagement Metrics

Measuring engagement should be one of the first category of marketing metrics you should be aware of. Engagement reveals how users are interacting with your brand across all social media platforms by looking at actions taken on each piece of content you publish. There are multiple engagement metrics worth considering:

Likes, Comments, Shares and Click-Through Rates: These can be incredibly useful in determining what kind of content your followers want to see. If certain types of posts consistently perform well, shift your marketing strategy to include more of that content.

Post Engagement Rate: The total number of engagements on a post divided by the total number of people who saw the post. This marketing metric shows you what percentage of the people who saw the post engaged with it, indicating which types of content may be more effective at boosting engagement.

Amplification Rate: How many shares your post gets, divided by your total number of followers. Comparing individual shares to total followers will help you know what portion of your followers actively want to associate themselves with your brand. This can help you refine your target audience and the type of content you choose to produce.

Account Mentions: When a user tags your brand in their own content. Similar to amplification rate, account mentions indicate how much of your audience wants to actively engage with your brand.

There are many different ways someone can engage with your content. The engagement marketing metrics you choose to analyze will depend on your goals. If your goal is to spark a conversation with your followers, then you may want to measure the replies and comments you receive on a post. If you are hoping to spread a message, you may place more value on shares. Figure out what your goals are and choose which forms of engagement will actually help you measure your success.