Social Media

Tips to Level-Up Your Social Media Strategy

Out of the 7.7 billion people in this world, nearly 3.5 billion use social media. That’s to say that nearly 1 in 2 people across the globe access many of the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Therefore, an awesome social media strategy can help you boost your brand awareness, connect with your audience, and generate more leads. Read on to know how you can up your social media game.

Solidify your content marketing plan.

Creating content for your social media channel can be tricky. Use the questions mentioned below to determine what type of content you should be offering to your audience.

  • Who is your audience?
  • What topics interest them?
  • What platforms are they active on?
  • What content form do they prefer?
  • What usable content you already have and what needs to be created?

The responses to these questions will help you create a foolproof content creation or curation plan.

Know what platform you should use.

Before posting your content, it is wise to carefully consider the audience profile and the purpose and communication style of each social platform. Each social channel talks to a unique audience. Choosing where to post what content will help you connect with your audience in the most effective manner.

Don’t underestimate video.

Video content is by far the most potent and memorable content form marketers can use to engage their audience. If you want your audience’s undivided attention, video content should be your choice any day. Video content can help your viewers connect to your brand story, thereby boosting engagement and conversions through social channels.

Invest in influencer marketing.

According to research, businesses that consistently invest in influencer marketing earn up to $18 returns for every $1 spent! This is because influencers help brands gain exposure to an engaged audience that specifically aligns with their business niche. Further, niche influencers charge less and are extremely effective in engaging the exact consumer audience your brand needs.

Once you have chosen an influencer for your brand, allow some creative freedom. The influencer resonates with their audience for a reason. Trust them for this quality and share their content on your channel to highlight your collaboration and build your credibility.

Measure Success

The only way to determine the strength of your social campaigns is by measuring their performance. Use social media monitoring tools to see what your competitors are publishing, respond to customer concerns, and track brand mentions and influencer campaigns.