Social Media

Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

There’s a misconception that simply posting your ad on social media is a sure-fire way to gain customers, but that’s not quite how it works. You can absolutely drive traffic to your business via the web and social media, but you must have some knowledge of how to do so. It can take time, practice and money to effectively use social media to gain new customers, and time and money are not luxury items startup businesses have to waste.

Try these three fundamental tips for online marketing:

1. When posting, include structure, a theme and a timeline.

Don’t make the mistake of posting items you think are interesting and splattering them on your social media outlets without having a plan of execution. A good approach to find what types of content and posts will be relevant to your target audience is to sit with your team and ask for feedback. Specifically, identify the key selling features of your product that most of your customers like. From there, post content that reflects those items.

2. Not all social media is the same.

Each social media outlet has its own strengths and weaknesses. Each platform also has its own formula for success, and often each carries a very different type of audience. So which medium is right for you? Which platform can give you the easiest direct access to your target audience? Which platform most easily allows you to demonstrate your product or services online?

3. Post original content.

Social media reflects you and your company’s personality. The content that is posted should be original, and what will make it interesting is having it reflect your company’s culture.

You shouldn’t expect customers to come running toward your website or retail shop if you don’t have an effective digital marketing plan. Understand the medium you intend to use. Learn your audience through research.