Social Media

Standing Out on Social Media

Having a social media page can be rewarding by driving traffic and conversions to your website. However, it’s quite a challenge to make your page stand out against the competition, and grab an individual’s attention. Having a strong presence on social media affects traffic, conversions and brand awareness.

Here are some ways your brand can stand out on social media:

Creating a Content Calendar to Plan and Schedule Content

Sometimes a business treats their social media content as an afterthought, but irregular posts, quickly typed in content or just shares from other pages is very low-effort, and it shows! People will not pay attention to pages and profiles that don’t offer original and eye-catching content. You’re not making the best of social media pages if you’re only occasionally posting something because you’re waiting for inspiration.

You need to be proactive about your social media content by creating a content calendar. A content calendar is where you clearly map out for your social media for each day and even multiple times a day.

Using Interactive Content

The core of a business’s online success is content! Users are more likely to pay attention to content when it creates the ability to be interactive.

Interactive content gets input from your audience. Users aren’t passively consuming content. They become part of creating it. You’ve already seen interactive content like polls, quizzes, contests and tests.

Using a Consistent Look for Visual Media

Help followers recognize your brand and appeal by using a consistent theme across all your visual posts. You not only need to use good quality images, but you also need to make it consistent in aesthetics. You are more likely to be rewarded with followers and engagement by creating a brand aesthetic.

Incorporate User-Generated Content

People trust user-generated content because it’s created by their own peers. User-generated content gets more attention because the people making it are not backed by a business. It is very likely that there is a lot of user-generated content online related to your business and product.

User-generated content can be

  • Reviews and ratings
  • Emails from customers
  • Photos of customers using your product
  • Posts about your product made by your customers

Using these guidelines can help you set your business apart from the competition, and help you generate more followers, engagement, and conversions.