Social Media

Improving Your Social Media Ad Effort

When it comes to social media advertising, change is the only constant. Strategies and tactics that worked this year might not work well next year, and for those who use the same approach for every campaign, will find themselves increasingly frustrated.

Here are some key trends that could help your social media ad efforts in 2020:

Consider Increasing Budgets

Social media channels have become increasingly competitive over the years, especially Facebook and Instagram. In 2020, you absolutely must consider increasing your budgets if you want to be competitive.

All social media platforms are improving the machine learning behind their advertising platforms. For these machines to learn, they need data, and as social media advertising campaigns run, they collect and aggregate data in search of users who are most likely to convert.

Use Video!

Marketers who use video grow revenue roughly 49% faster than non-video users. If you haven’t been using video in your social advertising campaigns, you’re missing out. Not only is video more engaging than other media, but it can supercharge your targeting on Facebook.

Get Familiar with Pixels

Every social media platform that offers advertising has pixels, and these little snippets of code enable websites to share data with the social media providers to help inform advertising campaigns.

From creating Custom Audiences to creating Custom Conversions, getting pixel-savvy is an absolute must if you want your social ad campaigns to be competitive in 2020. Not only is the access to data amazing, you can actually tell Facebook what objective you want to optimize against. This is a great way to build an effective sales funnel.

Optimizing at Scale

This means keeping an eye on how your campaigns are performing, both at macro and micro levels, and cutting out non-performers or elements that are generating results at a higher than average cost. 

You’ll want to ensure that all your ad sets are performing within your desired KPI. Any ad set that doesn’t perform, or isn’t generating cost-effective results, must be turned off to preserve budget for your better performing campaigns.