Social Media

Boosting Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Gen Z

Millennials are growing older, and so a younger generation is entering the workforce. Generation Z or Gen Z is anyone born from the mid 90’s to the early 2000’s, and they are the next age group to affect purchasing processes. They make up approximately 25.9% of the U.S. population and boast $44 billion in purchasing power. If you don’t have a social media marketing strategy that caters to their needs, you’re missing out on maximizing revenue and growing your customer base.

Here’s three tips so you can effectively communicate with Gen Z.

1. Emphasize Mobile Marketing

Since smartphones are Gen Z’s device of choice, you must optimize all areas of your social media for mobile. More and more social platforms are including ways to make in-app purchases and focus on creating content that looks stellar on a mobile screen.

2. Infuse Influencer Marketing Into Your Strategy

It’s in your best interest to invest in influencer marketing when catering to Gen Z. Influencers are well known in their social communities and build massive followings based on likability and trust factors. Research found that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. Because Gen Z craves authentic and familiar interactions, they’re more likely to purchase based on an influencer’s recommendations as opposed to regular advertising.

3. Be Socially Responsible.

Moving into the future, consumers care more about a brand’s ethics and behavior than they did before. Millennials and Gen Z alike are consciously choosing to buy from businesses that are inclusive as well as socially and environmentally conscious. They’re three times more likely to believe that a business’s purpose is to serve communities and society. Positive values are a reliable indicator that Gen Z is willing to buy from your brand as opposed to another.