Social Media

Improving Your Content with Social Media

We know that a successful social media strategy requires delivering high-quality and engaging content to users. But can social media actually be used to help you improve the content you’re creating and offer even more value to your audience? Absolutely!

While there are endless ways that social media can be used to improve your content marketing efforts, this post will explore four of the most impactful ways to improve your content with social media.

Understand Your Target Audiences

If you aren’t using social media to gain insights into the daily lives of your customers, you aren’t doing it right! You should know and be able to easily answer the following:

  • When are your customers online?
  • What types of content do they like?
  • What content do they not like?
  • What other brands do they interact with?
  • What content are they sharing and how?

All of this information can and should be used to guide your content marketing efforts. With a solid understanding of when your customers are most active on social media, you can determine the ideal time to share your content, ultimately, boosting reach and engagement.

Using Social Media to Listen

Monitoring this valuable information is one thing. However, social listening requires analyzing all of this data and applying it to your strategy. Acting on these findings will help improve your digital marketing strategy as a whole but, for the sake of this article, we’ll focus on how it positively impacts your content.

Content serves many different needs. Whether the goal is to drive traffic to your site, boost keyword rankings, or enable your sales team – at the end of the day, content needs to be aligned with your audiences’ needs or it won’t drive business impact. This is certainly not a simple task, but social listening helps make it easier.

Curate Content

Content becomes awfully dull if you’re only talking about your brand and delivering one voice or perspective. When done properly, content curation helps interact with key members in the community, engage thought leaders and industry experts, and deliver unique perspectives and value to your audience. Use social media to curate perspectives from other industry experts and thought leaders in the space.

Help Users Digest Your Content

As successful digital marketers, we must find a way to help our audiences easily digest our content. We cannot continue to serve content exclusively in the same way, and simply accept the fact that less than half of users are actually reading it. Social media is an incredible tool to help solve this problem. For example, put together a short video recap of what’s in the post and share it on social media.