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Improving the Look of Your Social Media Pages

Improving the look on your company’s profile is key to generating brand awareness and professionalism. When you social media page is designed to be high quality, it speaks volumes to followers that your product or service will also be high quality.

Let’s take a look at the several ways you can improve your social media profile pages to ensure increased visibility for your brand:

If possible, keep the username the same on all social profiles.

To have a sustained social media profile, your username should receive some touches. Usernames are sometimes rigid on social media platforms, so be careful when making your first choice.

Add a high-quality and relevant cover photo.

Cover photos could say a lot more about your company than what is displayed in your profile picture. Most social media sites now have the cover photo feature, so it is possible to have the same image across platforms.

Get your cover image to do most of your marketing for you, as you could create an enticing image that displays all your business has on offer. This gives your profile a sophisticated look and ensures users are informed whenever they visit your site.

Selecting the best profile photo for your business.

Profile photos depend on the type of business you’re running. If your business name is the display name on the account, then your business logo is ideal for your account. If it happens that your brand cannot be differentiated with your face, then a headshot is a good choice. Having the same profile photo on all your social media accounts is ideal, and will give your social media pages a more uniform look.

Input an accurate description.

Social media platforms rarely provide more than a few lines for users to describe themselves. This means you have to create catchy lines that are concise but contains everything people should know about your business. There are some platforms that provide a lot of characters to describe yourself, to enable you describe your business to visitors in as much words as you desire.

Link your social pages to your website.

Improving the look of your social media profiles involves the creation of links. Link creation makes it possible for users to have access to your business’ website and still have the option to return to your social media pages. It gives your profile pages and advanced but user-friendly look.

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