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Dear Tahiti Trader,

Here is the full story of my dog Max.  In January of this year (2018) we took a weekend camping trip.  During the camp out our 10 year old German Shepard mix, Max, became quite lethargic.  He had lost quite a bit of weight before this and we were about to take him in for a Ultra Sound to find out about the weight loss.  Anyway, when we got home Max show no signs of perking back up to his old self.  I scheduled a Vet visit and prepared myself for the worst.  During the visit we found out that Max was in the final stages of liver cancer and was given only a couple of weeks to a few months of life.  Needless to say we were heartbroken.  We even held an Irish wake so family and friends could come say goodbye to him.

    The next day at work I was telling my friend Jim about my dog and he asked if he could run an experiment with Max.  Not having anything to lose I said of course.  Jim then told me about Noni Juice and it’s beneficial effects on the liver.  The next day he gave me a bottle of Tahiti Trader Organic Noni Juice.  He told me to buy some Milk Thistle.  So at every meal for the next 5 months we gave Max 4 ounces of Noni Juice.  He slowly started to regain energy and look as if he was putting weight back on.  

    After about 5 months we took Max back to the Vet to get a status update.  The Vet didn’t remember at first the grave condition Max was in during his last visit.  After he stepped out and looked at Max’s chart he came back in and was shocked at how good he looked.  Max had indeed put back on over 10 pounds of the 23 he had lost and the tumor on his liver had shrunk somewhat and there wasn’t anymore leaching. I informed the vet of the feeding regiment we had Max on and he seemed surprised.  So we agreed to continue Max on the Tahiti Trader Noni Juice for the next six months and then return to see what if any tumor is left.  We have a measurement of 7 inches round.  In January we will have Max’s final results.  I can’t thank Jim enough for giving me the Noni Juice for the last six month and letting me know about this powerful healing Juice.  I will be putting our order in soon and we will be keeping Max on the Juice the rest of his days. 


Louis S.

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