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American Credit is a 14 year old financial services firm specializing in credit restoration and consultation services. American Credit is a 90 percent referral based company that has worked very hard over the years to perfect our level of service and provide real solutions for our clients when it comes to raising their credit scores. Service and solutions are imperative, but timing and technique are also vital to help consumers repair their credit. Through guided strategies from our credit experts and deleting erroneous, unverifiable information reporting on consumers credit reports, we have helped thousands of U.S. families increase their credit scores even after BK’s, foreclosures, etc.

“That sounds great. I love good service but what about your results? Aren’t you just doing dispute letters to remove negative items like all the other companies out there?”

FACT: 95 percent of companies in the U.S. claiming to help consumers “fix” their credit utilize the same dispute letter process you can do yourself for FREE online. Dispute letters do not work like they used to and leave individuals feeling discouraged and hopeless.

American Credit realized years ago that doing dispute letters was the “lazy man’s” way of doing credit repair. Not only are the results minimal, but also the likelihood that items being re-reported to your credit report increases, usually taken 45 to 60 days later as a “re-insert.” American Credit works hard to understand every aspect of the credit restoration industry and apply our knowledge on our client’s behalf to ensure we truly were doing all we could to improve their credit profile. This is where our proprietary pre-litigation process has become the cornerstone of our company. Not only do we open investigations with all 3 credit bureaus for all the negative items on your credit report but we actually threaten the creditor not the credit bureau with legal action on your behalf. Unless the creditor can prove they have followed all the laws ( FCRA – Glossary ) they are obliged by law to protect your consumer rights within 30 days the account is deleted. If the creditor cannot prove they have in fact complied with all these laws, the negative item on your credit report must be deleted by default. It is the additional layer where we threaten the creditor first with a law suit on your behalf that makes our level of permanent deletions so impressive.

“OK – so you actually threaten creditors first with legal action before you go to the credit bureaus. That’s great but what about the cost? Is it really expensive?”

American Credit has always worked very hard to make its program affordable for those with the sincere desire to re-establish their credit.  American has never turned anyone away with a sincere desire to enroll in our program and has the ability to follow our guidance while they are with us. With that being said if you are afraid you cannot afford our program, don’t; because we may have an installment program that will coincide with your budget.

“So there is a range of pricing. How do I know for sure what my rate will be?”

American Credit offers a no obligation to enroll in our program, Comprehensive Credit Consultation. One of our highly trained credit analysts will be able to assess your situation accurately and let you know what we can do, how long it will take and where your credit scores should be when we are done. In this way you will have all the information you need to make an educated decision for yourself and your family.

“There are so many ‘credit repair’ companies out there  . . . why choose American Credit?”

American Credit works hard to provide what you need most at this uncertain time in your life, however serious or minor your credit challenge is. We are a company with real people who care about your situation. We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately assess your situation and focus on the key changes that are needed to achieve a 70 to 100+ credit score increase (our average client score increase) in the shortest amount of time possible (60 to 120 days on average). Not only do we have an amazing pre-litigation process that delivers great results, we also have built an amazing pro active and reactive customer service department tailored to meeting or exceeding our valued client’s expectations.

“Can anyone enroll in American Credit’s Program?”

American Credit strives to enroll individuals that we have the best chance of helping. If you are currently in the middle of a financial crisis, chances are its most likely not the right time to pursue our services. After the Comprehensive Credit Consultation, both ACR and you will have enough information about your credit to discern if enrolling is best for you.

“I cannot qualify for a home loan.”

If this is your current scenario, rest assured that American Credit has a solution for your situation regardless of how bleak you may think it is. Oftentimes, people that have gone through financial hardships shrink back in fear that there’s no hope. Rest assured. Everyone deserves a second chance!

Our qualified credit experts’ work with loan professionals and FDIC insured banks all over the country working hard to get their valuable clients’ credit profiles in a place where they can get approved for financing, even after financial hardships.

There are too many companies claiming to “Repair” or “Fix” your credit with little or no knowledge of current underwriting guidelines and how it pertains to you getting approved for a home loan. Unfortunately expectations almost always get set wrong. Not only that but in most cases getting negative items deleted off your credit report is not enough for you to get approved. Lenders today want more, we know what to do!

Please do yourself a favor and reach out to our firm so we can accurately assess your situation and shed the light on the path to get approved for your home loan.

“I was turned down on a recent rental or lease application I submitted”

There is nothing worse than being in a pinch with your credit at the same time you need to find a new place to live!!

Landlords are stricter than ever when it comes to looking for tenants with good credit. We have helped countless individuals and families with this type issue. American Credit has not only been successful in raising our clients credit scores on average of 70 to 100+ points in as little as 60 days, but we also provide letters we have written hundreds of times helping our clients get into the home right away just by enrolling in our program!

You have nothing to lose by contacting us and telling us your situation. We truly care and have the solution you are looking for.

“I was turned down for an auto loan “

How embarrassing it is………………you just spent half of your day at an auto dealership picking out just the right vehicle to fit your needs only to find out that you have been turned down due to your credit history.

American Credit has had the privilege to help thousands of people make the dream of owning a new or pre-owned automobile a reality.

If you are serious about purchasing a car we have the answer you are looking for.

“I am not able to get any creditor to approve me for a credit card.”

This is such a common problem today. Honest hearted individuals that may have had a rough patch in the past that ruined their credit history. Now after the dust has settled so to speak you are still out in the lurch trying to re-establish and get on the fast track to better credit!

American Credit believes everyone deserves a second chance! We researched hard to find the right banks to work with that will guarantee our enrolled clients get approved for a credit card, and they report to the credit bureaus.

To maximize your credit score, it takes more than just having a credit card to have the credit score you want; you must know how to use the card properly every month.

We have all the right people on our team to ensure you get the very best guidance and service while we help get you back on the right path with new lines of credit and helping you delete as many negative items off our credit profile as possible, in as little time as possible. With us, you don’t have to worry about being kept in the program month after month.

Reach out to us today for a free no obligation to enroll consultation to discuss the specifics of your situation.

“I want to apply for a new job but they want to run my credit.”

American Credit has seen this type of scenario skyrocket in our offices. It seems that employers are adding an extra way to eliminate applicants as they are getting too many. Don’t let your credit score prevent you from obtaining the employment you want!

Our credit experts are standing by to discuss your situation and provide you real answers backed by years of experience.

We look forward to helping you anyway we can.

“I want to start my own business and need a loan but my credit score is low.”

American Credit has had the privilege of putting so many people on the right path when it comes to assisting them get the financing they require for their business.

Credit scores are more important than ever when it comes to acquiring financing for a small to mid-size family business.

We have the experts on site to assist you with this type of issue.

Please reach out to our firm for our complimentary credit consultation. We consider it a privilege to work with you and pride ourselves on the solutions and assistance we are able to offer our valuable clients all over the nation, coupled with integrity and excellence. Come visit us and see what we can do for you.

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