Zontos.us a special mission lead by Dean Allen

Dean was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and immigrated to the United States in 1999. His passion for people and their overall well-being led him to launch Zontos Inc., THE HYDROGEN WATER COMPANY ™.

After having earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in Management and International Business Development from Baylor University in Waco Texas, Dean went on to earn a Master’s in Theology from HGST in Houston TX.

Over the course of several years Dean spent many months in war-torn Sudan and other parts of Africa and India. It was during these trips that his vision for Zontos was birthed. Here is his account:

Having already had the fortunate opportunity of doing mission and relief work in some of the most desperate areas of suffering in the world, I found myself in Sudan for the second time. That trip broke my heart in a way that it’s never quite recovered.

While supplying food and medical aid, I experienced the pain of witnessing unthinkable suffering whilst only able to relieve it momentarily, for just a few. This shattered me and I searched for ways to bring mass amounts of relief to the millions that needed it. In the midst of feeling so broken, I heard a gentle voice in me saying that I was to remain a missionary at heart, but that I was to enter the U.S. corporate world to illuminate the greatest cause of human suffering ever, as well as to eliminate it: The lack of access to clean drinking water, worldwide.

Little did I know that my own life would depend on the very technology from Zontos that I hoped would relieve suffering and bring blessing to so many others.

After following what I felt in my heart and establishing Zontos, I was inexplicably diagnosed with one of the most severe cases of lead poisoning ever recorded in the western world. I deteriorated to the point of barely being able to cross a room because of debilitating pain.

Doctors gave me a death sentence. After eventually having my body cleared of the lead poisoning through non-traditional medical treatments, the effects still remained. It was not until I started using one of Zontos’s newest products – a Hydrogen Water Machine – that I felt any difference at all. After just six months of use, I saw a 95% reduction in symptoms.

Hydrogen Water gave me back my life. Not only do I want the world to experience the enormous benefits of hydrogen water, I want to fund the charities that provide clean, drinkable water in the darkest places on earth. Therefore, at Zontos, we commit to giving 25% of profit to select charities of clean water initiatives.

Now the dream can be realized, delivering the water of life to all who need it: the chronically ill, the athletes, the healthy individuals wanting preventative care – and inching closer toward the Great Goal of eliminating the lack of access to clean drinking water.” ~ Dean Allen

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